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8 Twin Valley League Athletes Set to Take Part in 8 Man All-Star Game

When the first 8 Man All-Star game was played none of the athletes in this year's game had made their presence on this earth. Quite honestly, and I was surprised by this, neither had yours truly.

In 1986, teams were constructed for the first ever Kansas 8 Man All-Star game. A 20-14 win for the South (Then, the game was separated North vs. South instead of the East vs. West format we see now). Unfortunately, Axtell's Steve Meier, and Bern's Brent Kuenzi and Eric Root came out on the short side of that game. Little did they know, those 3 would be the first of more than 50 athletes from TVL to play in this showcase of 8-Man's best.

Fast Forward to the actual first year of what is now known as the Twin Valley League, players like Nick Dowell and Jason Peter of Blue Valley, Hanover's Dan Jueneman and Linn's John Mueller were all names selected for the East Squad and they were able to pick up a win

This year, 8 more players take the field this Saturday June 8th. Clifton-Clyde's Trent Long will be on the East team for the Division 1 game while Hanover's Levi Griffith, Linn's Gavin Turk, Axtell's Grady and Grant Buessing, as well as Sawyer Deters and the Coach and Player pairing of Frankfort's Wyatt Keller and Brock Armstrong and their coach Nick Anderson will all take part in the Division 2 Game.

If you have the opportunity to get to Beloit this weekend, I can't suggest enough that you need to check this game out. If you are unable, you will be able to hear the broadcast on KNDY 95.5 FM, or at The Division 1 game begins at 10 a.m., with the Division 2 Game following at approximately 1:30/ Best of luck to all of the players as they cap off 8 legendary careers and join a long legacy of TVL athletes taking their rightful place as the game's greatest.

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