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Axtell Defense Intercepts 5 Hutch Central Passes. Eagle Offense Continues to Thrill in Win.

It's hard to imagine that Hutchinson Central Christian Quarterback Luke Eigsti has had any more frustrating night than he did on Friday as he took on the Axtell Eagles. If Eigsti wasn't scrambling away from the Eagle interior linemen, he was heaving the ball down the field only to have it intercepted by Wyatt Detweiler, Colin Shaughnessy or Brandon Schmelzle. Schmelzle picked off three passes, returning two for touchdowns as the Eagles rolled over HCC, 52-6.

It didn't take Axtell long offensively to get on the board. Less than 90 seconds in Schmelzle found Landon Schmitz from 36 yards out, his lone catch of the night. After interceptions on back to back defensive possessions, including the first of Schmelzle's aforementioned pick sixes, Axtell led 24-0 add in a short yardage power run by Eli Broxterman and the Eagle crowd was abuzz.

In the waning moments of the 1st quarter, Detweiler took a pitch around end and 28 yards later, Axtell led 36-0. Detweiler led all rushers for AHS, averaging a massive 10 yards per carry.

After a short yardage TD from Detweiler, Axtell lead by 44. Eagles fans were on their feet now, they just needed the offense to come through one more time to end the game early. But almost poetically, the Axtell defense bull rushed Eigsti. He took a hit, spun a bit and threw the ball downfield and into the open arms guessed it, Brandon Schmelzle, who earned his 2nd pick 6 to put the Eagles ahead 52-0.

Axtell, now 10-0, hosts 9-1 Osborne on Friday night. The Bulldogs lone loss on the season came to another TVL competitor, Hanover in week 3 of the regular season, 26-22.


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