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Axtell 45s Hartford, as we see a glimpse of the future of Axtell Football

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The Axtell Eagles once again proved why they are the top team in the state with a 52-6 thumping of Hartford on Friday night. With 6 different players catching passes, the pairing of Brandon Schmelzle and Wyatt Detweiler both put up significant number as Axtell moved to 2-0.

Landon Schmitz found the end zone on both of his catches a 43 yarder early on and a 7 yard strike, both coming off of passes by Schmelzle. Brandon would add a pair of short yardage rushing scores as Axtell.

In the 2nd quarter, Schmelzle would give way at the QB position to Sophomore Wyatt Detweiler. Detweiler threw for 89 yards and a touchdown to Rilyn Buessing from 38 yards out. Wyatt would also get a 21 yard rushing score. Colin Shaugnessy earned a rushing touchdown just before half that would all but seal the deal for the Eagles as they end the game by the Mercy Rule in the 3rd quarter.

Axtell, now 2-0 on the season, host 2-0 Clifton-Clyde next week in what is sure to be an excellent battle.

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