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Axtell defense looks better than ever, Eagles roll Blue Valley 68-0.

Axtell Eagle fans had plenty to cheer about on Friday night as their team completed it's 31st straight win taking down Blue Valley. Brandon Schmelzle completed all but one of his eleven passes, earning 213 yards through the air. The defense pitched their first shutout of the year after going 3 straight weeks of allowing just one touchdown in each game, and 7 different players registered offensive yards for Axtell. Put it all together and you get a 68-0 win and a happy Eagle crowd.
Schmelzle was able to connect with Grady Buessing just two times on the night, but Grady made both catches count turning them into touchdowns, one from 26 yards, the other for 53 yards. Eli Broxterman was the team leader in catches with 4 for 63 yards including a 27 yard TD early in the 2nd quarter as this game was called at halftime.
For Blue Valley, Landon Schreiber averaged over 15 yards per completion, but the Axtell defense picked him off 3 times stopping any sort of momentum the Rams could get in this game. In total, Blue Valley had just 72 yards of offense.
The Rams (2-3) will have better nights ahead of them the rest of the year. Friday they take on (4-1) Frankfort at home.
Axtell remains unbeaten at 5-0, they are on the road at 3-2 Hanover on Friday.
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