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Blue Valley blows by Wakefield in statement win for the Rams

The Blue Valley Rams were on a mission on Friday night. Score early, score often and get big stops defensively and I think to say, as for this night, it was mission accomplished. Blue Valley ran over Wakefield in every sense of the word.

233 yards rushing as a team, the majority of that coming from Trenton Schwerdt who finished with 170 and a touchdown. Schwerdt also earned a second touchdown in the passing game from 27 yards out. Quarterback Landon Schreiber was the most successful when it came to rushing scores as he was able to punch it in 3 times, carrying the ball a team-high 25 times for 77 yards while also throwing for 88 more.

Defensively, Blue Valley shined in this game. Picking off a pair of passes, one from Braden Brockman, the other on the hands of Landon Sump. Sump was also able to get a quarterback sack and leading the team with 10 tackles.

Blue Valley now at 2-1, go on the road to take on (1-2) Hanover this week.

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