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Clifton-Clyde can't slow down powerful Wichita County rushing game. Fall in Regional round 58-12.

Following a marathon game one week prior to Hill City, spirits were high around Clifton-Clyde High School. Yet, players the likes of Trent Long, Drayden Reed, and Payton Fahey were laser focused. They had won the battle, but the war was far from over and there was much left to accomplish.

A lot has been made of the high-octane offense for the Clifton-Clyde and for good reason. 58 total touchdowns through 9 weeks, scoring 40 and 50 points per game on a consistent basis. The proof was evident in that Hill City game alone piling 84 on the Ringnecks.

Unfortunately, on Friday Wichita County found that one Achilles heel for Clifton-Clyde. The Eagles have needed that high-octane offense, because their defense was allowing more points than we have become accustomed to out of a CCE defense. 25.5 points per game to be exact.

Junior running back Khris Hermosillo averaged 10.2 yards per carry on Friday with 234 yards and 4 touchdowns, add in 96 yards for quarterback Wyatt Gardner and the Indians look poised to be a big-time threat in the 8 man playoffs this season.

Clifton-Clyde's offense was still very good as Trent Long managed to connect with Jack Skocny twice for touchdowns scores, one from 8 the other from 40 but on this night, it was just too much Wichita County.

Take nothing away from this Clifton-Clyde team as they had their share of tremendous moments over the past couple of months and the three losses on the season (Axtell, El-Saline and Wichita Co.) came to teams with a combined 1 loss and are all still alive in the playoff brackets. Surely nothing to hang their head on and a conclusion that may only give the Eagles fuel for 2024.

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