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Clifton-Clyde Girls ready to take next big step in 2023-24

One of the better kept secrets in the Twin Valley League for the last few years has been the slow build and gradual emergence of the Clifton-Clyde Lady Eagles under coach Kieran Wurtz. A constant contender in the league and finding ways to make waves in the state. But the story is different this year.

The Lady Eagles are no longer a secret, in fact this year Clifton-Clyde is among the favorites to take the TVL and with the depth and experience to do so. Shea and Sevy Wurtz have the biggest name recognition in the area and rightfully so. Shea averages 13.6 and 7 rebounds per game and Sevy is one of the best ball handlers and assist women in the league, but this team goes far beyond just those two.

Lilian Steinbrock has the abilities to take over a game with her quickness, ball handling and intelligence. She will be one of the toughest defenders in the league as well. Add in Mylee Hammond with her 32 made 3 pointers last year and Seniors Whitley Sikes and Elisa Sorell's work ethic and veteran knowledge of Clifton-Clyde's plan of attack, and this might be the best Lady Eagle team in years.

Coach Wurtz enters his 11th year as head coach at Clifton-Clyde with

The competition will be as stiff as always with multiple state title contenders, but it feels like the right time for Clifton-Clyde to take their spot at the front of the line.

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