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Lockdown defense propels Clifton-Clyde boys to win over D-West

There is no denying that the Clifton-Clyde boys no how to turn on the jets offensively, scoring 53 or more in all but one game this year. But on Friday it was the Eagle defense that showed out in a 62-28 win against Doniphan West.

The Eagles were able to hold D-West to only 8 first quarter points and led by 14 points after 8 minutes. Clifton-Clyde was able to force 6 turnovers in the first quarter, many leading to run out buckets on the end.

Credit to Doniphan West as they continued to play hard and things really started to turn around, led by 7 points from Fletcher Penny and 5 from Kelby Windmeyer, Doniphan West didn't show signs of letting up, but by then the deficit was too great as Clifton-Clyde would take the 36 point win.

Jack Skocny led the way for Clifton-Clyde with 14 points followed closely by 13 each from Drayden Reed and Trent Long. Long was at the line 9 times in the ballgame, the most for either team. 5 points each came from Brodin Koch and Coy Steinbrock. Oliver Nobert and Luke Nobert each had 3 points, Luke earning the old fashioned way while Payton Fahey, Landon Begnoche and Easton Czpanskiy each added 2 to round out the scoring for Clifton-Clyde. In the loss, Doniphan West was led by 7 points from Fletcher Penny, Kelby Windmeyer added 5, and 4 each came from Michael Albers and Austin Veach. Cooper Eberly and Kolter Peterson each hits shots from behind the arc and Derek Blanton rounded out the scoring for Doniphan West with a pair. The win gave Clifton-Clyde a 12-2 record. Meanwhile, Doniphan West falls to 3-12.

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