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Valley Heights find offensive groove, but 4 turnovers doom the Mustangs.

When you get this late in the season the competition is at some of the highest it has been all year. You have to be nearly perfect to play against the best teams in the state so when a game comes along like the Valley Heights Mustangs had on Friday where their biggest enemy was themselves it is only going to make an already difficult task nearly impossible.

The Mustangs had their share of positives in this game, Carson Spoonts accounted for 274 yards with 2 passing touchdowns, a 41 yarder to Mack Shanks and a spectacular 65 yarder to Logan Gray, the largest part of Gray's 85 yard night. In total, Spoonts finished with 212 yards passing adding a 22 yard rushing touchdown to his resume as well.

It was the uncharacteristic turnovers that would cost Valley Heights this one. Just when it seemed like they had put together a strong drive, a Medicine Lodge defensive back stepped in front of a Spoonts pass for an interception or when on a rushing play a lineman would force two different loose balls, one of which Medicine Lodge would return for a touchdown in the 4th quarter.

It was a tremendous year for Valley Heights, as they had their share of high-profile wins but on this night too many self-inflicted wounds against a quality, probably state-bound team would end the Mustangs season at 8-3.

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