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Team-By-Team Look at State Track


Girls 100 Kylie Smith

Girls Triple Jump Kylie Smith

Boys 100M Brandon Schmelzle

Boys 200M Brandon Schmelzle

Boys 800 Grady Buessing, Gavin Shaughnessy, Daltyn Heinen

Boys Mile Grady Buessing, Gavin Shaughnessy

Boys 2 Mile Grady Buessing, Gavin Shaughnessy

Boys 110 Hurdles Landon Schmitz

Boys 300 Hurdles Landon Schmitz

Boys 4x100 Relay

Boys 4x400 Relay

Boys 4x800 Relay

Boys Shot Put Sawyer Deters

Boys Discus Sawyer Deters

Boys High Jump Logan Sandmann

Boys Long Jump Brandon Schmelzle

Boys Triple Jump Brandon Schmelzle


Blue Valley

Girls 100 Amelia Moses

Girls 4x100 Relay

Boys 200M Braden Brockman

Boys 400M Trace Sump

Boys 4x400

Boys 4x800

Boys Long Jump Brody Cox


Girls 100 Tatum Kramer

Girls 400 Tatum Kramer

Girls 4x800

Girls Shot Put Josie Haverkamp

Boys Long Jump Reese Tanking

Boys Javelin Ben Haverkamp


Girls 100 Sevy Wurtz

Girls 200 Sevy Wurtz

Girls 4x100

Girls 4x400

Girls Discus Calyn Baker

Girls High Jump Shea Wurtz

Girls Long Jump Sevy Wurtz

Girls Pole Vault Jordi Fahey

Boys Mile Landon Begnoche

Boys 2 Mile Cohen Girard

Boys High Jump Jack Skocny

Boys Pole Vault Payton Fahey, Brady Pruser

Doniphan West

Girls 3200 Belle Smith

Boys 100M Kelby Windmeyer

Boys 400M Kelby Windmeyer



Girls 100M Hurdles Tessa Parthemer

Girls 300M Hurdles Tessa Parthemer, Emma Hardwick

Girls 4x100

Girls 4x400

Girls 4x800

Girls Long Jump Tessa Parthemer

Boys 100 Carter Olson, Lane Loiseau

Boys 200 Lane Loiseau

Boys 4x100

Boys 4x400

Boys Discus Ole Svae

Boys Javelin Ty Smith

Boys Triple Jump Trent Hardin

Boys High Jump Ole Svae

Boys Pole Vault Brock Armstrong



Girls 100M Anna Jueneman

Girls 200 Anna Jueneman, Gracie Bruna

Girls 400 Anna Jueneman, Gracie Bruna

Girls 4x400

Girls Javelin (Tessa Lohse)

Girls Triple Jump Gracie Bruna

Boys Triple Jump Camron Jueneman


Girls Discus Carissa Kolle

Boys 800M Conner Ohlde

Boys Triple Jump Conner Ohlde


Girls Shot Put Emmarsyn Fordham

Girls Triple Jump Lillie Weiser

Girls Pole Vault Lillie Weiser


Girls Long Jump Emerson Weber

Valley Heights

Girls Javelin Tessa Miller

Boys 200 Carson Spoonts

Boys 400M Logan Gray

Boys 2 Mile Kebeb Zimmerman

Boys 4x100 Relay

Boys 4x400 Relay

Boys Shot Put Creighton Smith, Tyrel Wagner

Boys Discus Creighton Smith

Boys Long Jump Montana Martin

Boys Pole Vault Aiden Unruh

Washington County

Girls 100 M Hurdles Addie Goeckel, Anna Goeckel

Girls 300 M Hurdles Addie Goeckel, Anna Goeckel

Girls 800 McKenzie Baker

Girls 4x100 Relay

Girls 4x400 Relay

Girls Javelin Jesse Hoover

Girls Pole Vault Lillee Richard

Boys Discus Octavien Cardenas

Good luck to all of the Twin Valley League teams and athletes at state track this year!

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